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About Our Weddings

Options available to our couples

Below is our 2018 pricing!
Subject to change seasonally, unless your lock in your date!

The Foundation

We craft all of our films around this amazing Wedding Trailer. Lovebirds is at the core every option; all our coverage of your day has this essence-of-the-day short film in mind. This is the video you share with your friends and carry on your phones. This package is upgradableafter your wedding!

Lovebirds Package

The Extended Version

To be able to re-live more of your day, choose the Happiness package where you get all the great footage we shoot. We trim, color correct and stabilize all the footage as needed, weaving it into an extended version of the highlights. The length varies from 30-120 minutes. We will use some music if appropriate to set up the change of scenes, but the audio is primarily of you, your friends and family. It’s a fantastic way to re-live your day.

The Complete Package

This option is the full cinema upgrade package which enhances our focus on the ceremony. We bring in more cameras and cinematographers for greater coverage of the ceremony. This package includes our most excellent DVD Package as well. It is the most expansive option that gives you the chance for the ultimate re-watch of your day.

More Options

Timelapse, DVDs and Rehearsals

The DVD option is a beautiful one. From the magnetic clasp and packaging to the menus you see when you play it, this custom option has proven to be a bookshelf favorite. It is included with Take the Cake.

The DVD option is for the ubiquitous, classic standard definition DVD player and is $250.

What do other people say?

by Ken & Mia | Happiness + DVD package

We also love the extras on the thumb drive (I can watch the timelapse all day, I love them!) – but, particularly that AMAZING still from the vineyard.

Carmine Guiga

The Time-Lapse kit involves a GoPro or two as well as the higher quality Canon 5D Mark 2 and is $125.

This clip is a great example of a DVD menu + how Time-lapse footage can be used to enhance the memories.

The Quadcopter kit option is huge hit – guests are always thrilled to see it fly and love coming together for an epic shot. This is a wonderful option, however, high winds and certain locations may not permit flight. Make sure you ask about this option!

Expanded Coverage

What does it look like?

Expanded coverage can make watching your ceremony much more lively. Shooting in UHD (3840×2160) also gives the editor much more flexibility for framing and editing. Here are a few shots that demonstrate why having expanded coverage is so great! The cameras are synced during the edit, so the choice can be made in real-time which angle is the best.

Multiple angles

During the reception for something as simple as toasts, here is a simple example of how having more than one camera rolling can really add to your day.

Ceremony coverage

Four cameras equals more than four options. Using UHD, we are able to provide a wider and tighter shot from the same camera during the edit.