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It may sound silly, but the Butler Films tagline really sums it up best: you brought a story to the most important day of our lives. And for that, Jeff, we are going to be forever grateful.
Carmine & Crystal

Jeff – so, we just watched the video. First a few of the boring thank yous: thank you so much for such an amazing multi-camera view of the ceremony…it was perfect! Also, thanks for such a long extended version…!

Now for the real praise:

WOW! Jeff, we both can not even begin to explain how happy we are with the final product. We know for sure this is going to be a video we cherish for the rest of our lives…

Not only is the video simply perfect, but the packing…WOW! Seriously, if you have any future customers on the fence about that option, please give them all of my contact information so I can make sure they don’t miss out on that great keepsake!


I’m not even sure there are the proper words to describe Jeff Butler of Butler Films. Not only did Jeff immerse himself into our day so perfectly and strategically, but he also captured the essence of that day in a way that I honestly never thought was possible. To put it simply, Jeff is an artist and is immensely dedicated to his craft. Somehow he captured all of the feelings, emotions, and fun of our wedding day in a 6 minute highlight film that I know we will watch for years to come and be transported right back to those special moments. Our longer documentary style film is a perfect record of our day, with just enough cinematic flare to keep you interested, while not being the focus of the film.

You’ve heard all the stories: your wedding day comes and goes in a flash. While there is nothing you can do to slow down your day, there is something you can do to the make sure that the memories of it are vivid and last a lifetime: hire Jeff Butler and leave the rest up to his skill, dedication, and artistry. I promise you will not be disappointed with your decision! On top of all of this, we gained a great friend in Jeff and we are looking forward to our next milestone so that we can have Jeff there creating another masterpiece for us.