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L.O.V.E. IT!!! THANK YOU ;) We got thru rehearsal (FANTASTIC!) and are 24 mins into wedding day! Can’t wait until Saturday when we will have a chance to watch the rest.  Everything has been marvelous thus far.  The intro pages with fountain and koi pond are spot on.  The DVD case and physical DVDs look stellar and the Jeff Butler tickets are a very nice personal touch ;) More praises to come, but for now I can’t manage to keep my eye lids open!


Other vendors I enjoyed working with on this shoot:
The Venue: Chestnut Hill B&B
The DJ: Superlative Events
The Photographers: Kurstin Roe Photography

Expanded Coverage

What does it look like?
Here are frame grabs from the 4k cameras for Stephanie’s ceremony. Expanded coverage can make watching your ceremony much more lively. Shooting in UHD (3840×2160) also gives the editor much more flexibility for framing and editing.